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*Please tell me what you think about the choice of binding I discuss in the update! Thanks
I’m working on handmade books written and illustrated by yours truly soon to be available on Etsy! (and here!)I’ve written and illustrated books before, but never had any success getting them published (my dream of dreams) for me, it has been a long drawn out process: I was taught to have the entire manuscript done (which I did in two cases, but have several others under construction, which can be seen here.) Then send it in to ONE publisher, which was chosen through careful research to determine the most likely to buy your unsolisited manuscript, then in 6 weeks to 6 months, when it returns rejected; as it will (longer than 6 months is a rejection also) you then repeat the process having eliminated the last publisher. The only way to get a manuscript solicited is to have an agent who can only be gotten by being already published: Yay!

Anyway, I recently discovered that Etsy has a book section (most of which is journals, sketchbooks, repurposed books, and used or vintage books. But there are a few actual original books that are professionally handmade, and I will be adding myself to that category.

I’ve made books before, so I know what I’m getting into. They won’t be cheap, but they will definitely be worth it!
I tested my dummy and after several mistakes got it to print correctly! Now I think I should abandon the dummy (2 pages on front 2 on back for hours of fun figuring out how to manually duplex print them) not because of the difficulty (that part is over) but because of binding: the book is so short (7 pages) that binding a dummy means either unsightly staples or sewing which isn’t all that attractive or permanent. 
So I could print each page (front and back) and glue or post the binding. I’m printing on rives bfk (which looks great), plus with the inks of my photosmart inkjet printer would be archival, so I can do a quality product in house.
All I have to do is choose a paper for the cover and inside cover and I’m ready to print a real working first copy/prototype!

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