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"Being an actress, you do face a lot of male domination in the film industry. The equation changes the moment a hero takes a call as to who the lead actress should be in the film and it happens all the time. First, a hero is decided and the director will give him options and then he tells him who he wants or doesn’t want and that is the way it works. I think it is a very sad way of casting. If you want to be treated as an equal, this is not the way it can start. They are always given the priority. You are called basis their call time, they will see the edit or the poster design first. It is obviously a hero-dominated industry, but it is changing now. You can dominate me as a director or someone who knows more than me and I would love to get dominated by that person and learn from that person. But just because I am a girl and am gentle and soft-spoken, don’t try to twist my wrist. I have lost so many roles because of this and have never had a great equation with male chauvinist actors. They have either boycotted me or ganged up against me."- Kangana Ranaut

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