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Heart Chakra

heart chakraWorking on Heart Chakra images. The traditional heart chakra utilizes a hexagram (star of David) and is green with 12 petals around it. Here, I have transformed the hexagram into two inverted hearts instead of 2 inverted triangles. The triangles suggest a union of male (triangle pointed up) and the female (triangle pointed down) This is also a symbol of Shiva And Shakti (male and female…

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The Archangel Gabrielle print

The Archangel Gabrielle print

gabbyposterI was inspired to paint this to portray my friends in the context of how they affect my life. Here, a good friend has given me advice that could have come from an angel. There is an old etiquette that says we should treat strangers like angels that I believe is the core lessen of the angels visiting Abraham. I also like the idea that angels are all around us if we know how to look. This print is…

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